"Prayers for the healing,
the return of a lost pet and help for those in need."

"Your Dog Loves You More than He Loves Himself."
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Since your pet loves you more than he loves himself and is an important part of the family, it is not unusual to want to pray for him or her in a time of need.  Your hurting, sick or lost animal weighs on our mind as much as a love one.  We understand the worry, sadness and tears that arise when one of our four-legged family members is in trouble which is why we have created this site.

We want to help and assist you in dealing with the stress and worry you feel when your pet is sick, in surgery, or lost.  We know prayer works and can offer our heart-felt prayers in praying for the healing, or the return of your lost friend.    When your pet has been with you for years and sometimes been your only companion there is nothing you wouldn't do to relieve his or her pain.  That's why we want pray for your pet as well as bring peace to your mind. 

Therefore if you would like us to pray for you and the needs of your pet, please contact us by clicking here.

Prayer for Dogs Prayer Ebook Now Available

Studies show those who are prayed for have less serious illnesses and fewer deaths. 

The Prayer for Dogs ebook include prayers for the return of lost pets, pets that are ill.

It also includes prayers you can pray for your pet's overall health, protection and much more. 

Get your copy by clicking here.




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